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Are you planning on getting new doors installed as part of your home renovations in Hollis? A professional garage door installation expert can be of a great help to you then. In this domain Hollis garage door repair is the trusted name.Before you hire a garage door repair in New York, here are a few important things you need to know.

Why Get New Garage Doors?

Your old garage door may have become worn out. A worn out garage door compromise your home security and can put your cars at a risk of being stolen. Moreover, your old garage door may have become too weak, thus becoming ineffective at keeping the intruders out. A new, stronger and sturdier door is exactly what you need to raise your home security level. A strong garage door with superior quality locking system can keep your vehicles as well as any other items you have stored in your garages safe and sound.

A garage door is normally a focal point in the appearance of a home. Your new garage door, with its stylish and trendy look will contribute in increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home. By giving you aesthetic as well as functional benefits, newly installed garage doors help in enhancing the overall value of your home. They add some strong re-sale points in case you ever want to put up your home for sale.

By getting new garage doors, you can improve your energy consumption and bring down the daunting energy costs. The insulation ability of your new garage doors will however depend on the designing and the choice of material for your garage door. Proper installation also plays an important role in determining the functionality of your garage doors.

Professional Hollis Garage Door Repair Services


Before the installation begins, you must make sure your garage is completely accessible to the installation professional. If you and your family use the garage entrance as the main one, you may need to arrange for an alternative entrance to your home, which you may need to use while the installation will be going on. You need to plan your budget as well because you need to keep sufficient funds aside from being able to hire a professional for installing your garage doors. However, you can call Garage Door Repair Hollis for suggestions in keeping installation within the budget.


When you think about preparation requirements for installation of new garage door repair in New York or new door installation the first thing that comes to mind is the preparation of the door frame. If it is damaged or cracked or has come lose from any place, you must get that fixed before you can get the new door installed. To make sure the installation work gets done without any hurdles, try to empty your garage before the professional arrives for door installation. This may require you to park your cars elsewhere.

If you are planning on installing an automatic garage door opener then you need to make preparations for running the wiring and placing the outlet. Automatic or electric garage door openers also require clearance space above and on both sides of the door.

Things to Know:

  • The top section of your new garage door needs to be reinforced so that its mounting point becomes strong. A strong point helps in protecting your garage door from getting damaged during installation.
  • By using new tracks and specialized hardware, you can minimize the chances of occurrence of accidents during garage door installation.
  • If your home is located in a windy area, you may need to make special arrangements for strengthening its reinforcement.
  • Garage doors are heavy weighted and therefore require teamwork for installation.
  • Once your new garage door is installed, you must make sure your garage remains properly ventilated otherwise the vehicle you park inside may get damaged.

Questions to Ask:

  • Ask the garage door installation professional how they will ensure all components of garage doors are in working condition after completion of installation.
  • Ask how they will ensure and check the balance of the garage door.
  • Try to find out about many years of experience they have specifically with garage door installation.
  • Ask them about the total cost of installation service and get details about what the service will entail.

You need to gaude that the insataller:

  • Has sufficient experience with handling installation of different types of doors;
  • Has any ideas regarding the best door installation technique based on your specific requirements and location design;
  • Garage Door Repair Hollis Will be able to offer warranty on the door installation;
  • Can provide proper garage door insulation;
  • Has any ideas on preparation of the garage door opening;
  • Is willing to offer any discounts on their service or include any extra after-sales services;
  • Is able to clearly communicate with you in a way that you are able to easily comprehend the technical details involved in installation of your garage door;
  • Going to be directly involved in door installation or just provide supervisory services while their team installs the door;
  • Is available at your required time;
  • Is willing to work for the price you are offering or willing to pay according to your budget;
  • Is willing to sign a written agreement which lays down the details of the new door installation